Monthly Archives: April 2010

BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin Comes to the U.S.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the beer which had for a couple of weeks been the most alcoholic beer in the world — before German brewer Schorschbrau released a 40% ABV beer called Schorschbock and BrewDog fired back with their Sink the Bismarck!, which checks in at 41% ABV and a highly-alcoholic and somewhat pointless cock fight ensued — is now making …

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Obama to Receive the Gift of Maine Beer

In all of his “small town”, on-location speeches around the country, President Obama acknowledges a local businessperson who is thriving in that community. During his trip here to Portland last week, Obama gave a shout out to Bill “Bill the Beer Guy” Milliken, who owns Market House Coffee and Maine Beer & Beverage, both in Portland’s Public Market House. In …

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Introducing the 33 Beers Beer Review Sketchbook


The idea for the 33 Beers sketchbook “came to us after many failed attempts at note-taking during some of the West Coast’s many beer festivals”, says founder Dave Selden. “At some point in these experiences, laziness tended to take over, and the tasting notes stopped writing themselves. The next day, trying to recall the third bourbon barrel-aged porter became an …

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Craft Brewing April Fools Day Jokes Around the Interwebs

Yesterday was April Fools Day and craft breweries across the country took full advantage, flexing their creative muscles a bit. Of course you need to know a little bit about each brewery to fully appreciate their tongue-in-cheek pranks but here are some of the best I found across the interwebs (in no particular order): Orange County’s The Bruery introduced their …

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