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Happy 2011 – May It Bring Great Beer

I just wanted to take a few minutes and wish you a happy 2011.  Thinking back over 2010 it has been a pretty big year for me (I became a dad) and I’m looking forward to what next year brings. I’m also excited for all of the new beer that I get to try this next year.  Over Christmas I …

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4 Reasons To Start Home Brewing in the New Year


There is a possibility this post may change your life for the better in the coming New Year. If you have never brewed your own beer before then consider some of the reasons I make in this post it might just make you pursue one of the most satisfying pastimes you can begin. The Best Beer You Can Get There’s …

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Sierra Nevada Celebration Review

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to drink beer.  With so many holiday brews on the market though, it can sometimes be tough to decide which seasonal beers to try.  You can do what I do, try them all.  If that isn’t an option, read some beer reviews and find a beer that you might like. My second …

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Let Mississippi Drink Good Beer

Living in the Northwest, I sometimes take for granted that I can drive to a local beer shop and choose from hundreds of great craft brews. We do have some bad laws, such as not being able to get beers like Sam Adams Utopias in Oregon or Washington, but for the most part we have access to quite a few …

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Learn The Language of Beer

I get sent tons of emails everyday from people with different articles or products they want me to push on the website.  Some good, some bad.  This week I was sent a graphic titled Learn the Language of Beer. It’s a pretty interesting graphic so I figured I’d share it with you (there are a few typos in it, don’t …

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