Monthly Archives: April 2012

New Belgium Dig Review

Oh the joys of mid-April. The stress of taxes have left many people reaching for a beer (ok, maybe something a little harder depending on your situation) to help take the edge off. Luckily for my wife and I we didn’t have to pay as much as we were expecting which is definitely a reason to celebrate with none other …

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Beer, Bath, and Beyond

If you were to follow the timeline of beer, one would at the same time see the progress of humanity. Beer has quenched the thirst of countless individuals since antiquity, lubricating society as it has pushed forward to leave their mark in the annals of history. Within the earliest accounts of civilizations around the globe, beer or beer like libations …

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Beer Cocktail: Ye Intruders Beware!

Ahoy Mateys! In my journey to find the most delicious beer cocktails, I have stumbled upon some real buried treasures in regard to beverages. As I set sail (with all three sheets to the wind of course) to bring yet another delicious treat to the reader’s beer glass, I uncovered a drink that definitely deserves a place in the treasure …

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