Monthly Archives: September 2012

Beer Cocktail: Southern Hospitality

Welcome to Hazard County, Kentucky, home to Bo and Luke Duke, a couple of moonshiners from a popular ‘80’s television show that made its way into the hearts of many! But, this isn’t a TV blog and I didn’t come here to talk about that, so don’t get your Daisy Dukes in a knot; I’m getting to the beer cocktail! …

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Blog About Beer And The Future

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a new post on here and figured it was time to dust off the keyboard and give you an update on why I’ve been slacking. First off, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few posts coming in from my cousin Ryan on the site. All I can say is wow, he has a great …

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The Grapes of St. Peter’s

I have no idea where you are reading this from dear reader, but here, it’s hot. When the sun bears down on you like you have entered Hades itself the only thing, or I should say the RIGHT thing, to do to escape the 104° heat, is to turn the A/C switch to that little snowflake symbol and reach for …

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