Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rinkuškiai Werewolf Review

Whether it is Count Dracula talking about the “children of the night” and the music they make, or Ozzy Osbourne discussing the pros and cons of barking at the moon, the legends of werewolves have us all both intrigued and locking up our chicken coops at the same time. The duality of the persona of the werewolf is an exciting …

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Southern Oregon Brewing Holy Water Maibock Review

As the emerald hue of our favorite gourds start to change into brilliant colors of vivid orange, we are faced with real challenges. We must arm ourselves with the tools necessary for vanquishing those who would haunt us and prey upon us as we idly wander the streets looking for one of two things: tricks or treats. Now, before vampires …

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A New Meaning To Hair of the Dog

Many of you may remember my post on the beer baths that the awesome people of the Czech Republic get to enjoy at the Chodover brewery. Sadly, no one has offered to send me there to fully experience the glory and wonder of this exciting way to enjoy beer. (He typed grudgingly.) But, I’m not bitter. I wanted to figure …

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