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Uinta Redesigns Detour Douple IPA Packaging

I’ve always been a sucker for good design when it comes to beer packaging. A well designed package is important these days with so many options facing consumers on the shelves, so when I see a brewery improve their design, it makes me take notice. Just today, Uinta Brewing Company announced the release of Detour Double IPA in a 12oz bottle …

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Drone Delivers Beer To Fisherman, FAA Shuts It Down

Although I’m not an ice fisherman, I’ve spent many hours floating on the river trying to catch a prized salmon or sturgeon. There have been many times I’ve been sitting on the boat, wishing I had a some more beer. Apparently ice fisherman get that same feeling. They spend all day cooped up in their fish houses and then the …

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Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Beans Released By Jelly Belly

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

There’s nothing like kicking back with a refreshing cold pint of jelly beans on a cold winters day. Wait, what? That’s right, Jelly Belly, the leader of random flavored jelly beans, has stepped up their game by introducing draft beer flavored jelly beans. Through a tedious development process they were able to pull out flavors of malt, hops and even …

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Ninkasi Brewing Releases 3 New Beers To Start The Year

Ninkasi Brewing Release

Writing for a beer blog is not a bad gig. You get to try new brews all the time, you get to be creative with writing about beer, and from time to time, you get invited to go to releases of new beers. Recently the team at Blog About Beer had the privilege of attending a release tasting for Ninkasi …

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The Top 5 Beers in the World

Top 5 Beers in the World

Everywhere you look on the internet, you’ll notice that people absolutely love lists. We are being bombarded with “top 10 of this” and “7 best of that”, and yet they are so dang addicting you want to click to see if you agree. It’s no different in the beer world where you will see lists such as “15 Best IPAs” …

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With LiBEERty & Justice For All: America’s Beer Renaissance

‘Merica! Before we were branded as a McDonalds eating, NASCAR watching, Budweiser guzzling nation of indulgent obese loudmouths, we were branded as traitors, traitors rebelling against the oppressive rule of a monarchy. But, neither the crown nor the scepter could hold our brave nation down; and in our act of rebellion, we cemented ourselves as a sovereign nation, a nation …

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iPhone Bottle Opener – Never Leave Home Without It

iOpener - iPhone Bottle Opener

It’s no secret that our cell phones have taken over the world. Go to just about any public place and you’ll see people texting away, checking their Facebook, and who knows what else. No place is sacred anymore. From beer bars to churches, people are always checking their cell phones. I’ll admit that I have become one of those people, …

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