Award-winning Brew not to be Bogged Down

Cranberries move over, In the UK’s Somerset Country bog water is now being turned into an award winning beer, courtesy of Exmoor’s first microbrewery. Real ale lover Jim Winzer, and his wife Elke, who run the Crosslanes House Hotel in Allerford, have joined forces with Exford farmer Lindley Williams to produce and market their new Dunkery Ale, using water from a spring at nearby Downscombe Bog, the prime source of water for the Williams’ Edgcott Farm for generations, and brewed in Lindley’s old cowshed. The outcome? well, the resulting beer is apparently so good that the brew has been presented with an award by none other than the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). And they were worried when I used tap water in my homebrew…

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