Beer And Food Pairings that DON’T work this weekend has a feature which lists 10 food and beer pairings NOT to try (an interesting twist) and why. And nicely, below each non-pairing is a recommendation of what to try instead.

The 10 DON’Ts were:

10. spicy food and mainstream American lager
9. salty food and malty beer
8. sweet desserts and bitter beer
7. brie and pilsner
6. pizza and IPA
5. whitefish and stout
4. eggs and anything even marginally hoppy
3. PB&J and pilsner
2. Fruit and lagers
1. oysters and IPA

Beer and Food

The 10 DOs were:

10. spicy food and IPA
9. salty food and anything hoppy
8. sweet dishes and sweeter beer
7. brie and oatmeal stout
6. pizza and vienna lager
5. whitefish and Belgian-style wheat beer
4. eggs and Belgian and German wheat beers, also sweet stouts
3. PB&J and Brown Ale
2. fruit and ales
1. oysters and stout

For more on exactly why each pairing doesn’t work, check out the original article at Happy pairing!

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  1. pizza + IPA is one of my favorite pairings.

  2. #7 on the Do’s list sounds great!

  3. I’m going to take their word for it about the oyster/beer pairings…although I do wholeheartedly believe that stout beer can make *anything* better!

  4. Helpful guidelines, keep it up!

  5. SO craving a PB&J w/ a nut brown ale. And guess who has a Full Sail NBA in his fridge right now…

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