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Beer Lover’s Oregon Released


Today’s a pretty exciting day for me. Last summer I started working on a project writing a book that is a complete guide to the breweries and brewpubs in the wonderful state of Oregon. Today it was officially released and I was able to spot it at my local Barnes & Noble. The book, titled Beer Lover’s Oregon, is part …

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Brewed Awakening By Joshua Bernstein Review


You only have to scan the shelves at your local craft beer emporium to realize the beer world just keeps growing. New styles. Old styles. New twists on old styles. This hop. That malt. It can be a perplexing place for casual beer drinkers or a never-ending race to keep up for beer connoisseurs. Several book authors have attempted to …

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Introducing the 33 Beers Beer Review Sketchbook


The idea for the 33 Beers sketchbook “came to us after many failed attempts at note-taking during some of the West Coast’s many beer festivals”, says founder Dave Selden. “At some point in these experiences, laziness tended to take over, and the tasting notes stopped writing themselves. The next day, trying to recall the third bourbon barrel-aged porter became an …

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Beer Book Review: The Naked Pint


The following is a guest post written by Dave, a craft beer drinker and occasional craft beer writer at If you would like to write a guest post for, please give me a shout. When I think “beer book” I envision an oversized book found on one’s coffee (or beer) table, filled with glossy pages of beer bottles …

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