(Beer) Flags of the World

The Boston-based advertising agency Arnold Worldwide created this cheeky “A World of Beer” flags ad campaign for The Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston, Massachusetts.







via neatorama (thanks Wren!)

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  1. First, I want to say, that the first flag is the one of Romania, because the first colour is a kind of blue, and the last is the one of Macedonia, the old one. All that I wanted to say.

    • actually, g-man, you’re wrong on both accounts. the site has them listed correctly and i should know, having helped create this campaign. no offense, just saying.

      that being said, thanks for the post, luke.

  2. If the fist color in the first flag its black then its belgium but if it`s blue then romania …

    For me it looks more like blue so… romania its for me 🙂

    maybe the designer made it a lighter black and a bit bluer to bee abble to see the textures 🙂

    PS i like this post 🙂

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