Drinking a Beer Through His Nose Might Land Man on Letterman

Chris Hansen of Green Bay, Wisconsin can drink a cup of beer through his nose; a video on You-Tube shows him doing it. But, after his sister-in-law sent the video to David Letterman’s TV show, Hansen is on his way to New York where he and five others will audition next Thursday for a spot on a segment of “Stupid Human Tricks”, which airs regularly on Letterman’s show. 

The 50-year-old Hansen co-owns a tavern in Allouez, Wisconsin. He said he learned the trick at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and he’s been doing it as a joke since the 1970’s. The You Tube video shows Hansen inhaling a beer in a tavern near Wrigley Field in Chicago, with a few guys around him cheering him on.

Hurry up at catch a glimpse of the video (posted below), however, because if he does get to appear on the CBS “Late Show,” Hansen says he might retire the trick.


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