Exclusive Look at Sam Adams Utopias

Here are some exclusive photos of the batches of Sam Adams Utopias rolling out this year:

Newest run of Sam Adams Utopias. the production is limited to 8,000 bottles per year.
Filling the casks.

Aging casks of Utopias

As previously reported, the alcohol content of Sam Adams Utopias is 25%, making it the strongest beer in the world (listed in the Guinness Book of Records). The process of making this beverage can take up to 12 years, giving it the unique and rich flavors. It is said that the production was limited to 8,000 bottles per year.

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  1. Hi
    I have more of a question than a reply. I recently aquired a 2005 full bottle of Utopias and along with that, which may be more rare, are two 7 oz bottles which were samples and not for sale to the public. Do you knowanything about those as I could not find anything myself. Also, the three of them look great together on a glass table with a light over them. (It does not get them warm)
    Thank you

  2. You may reply straight to me at dls10@comcast.net
    Thank you

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