Got What it Takes to Name Beer? There Might be a Year’s Supply in it for You

Looks like Ames, Iowa-based Olde Main Brewing Co. is having a bit of a spell of writer’s block and is looking to beer lovers for help. Help in the form of naming its nameless stout, that is. In return, the author of the winning name will get free Olde Main beer for a year, plus a party and brewery tour at Olde Main Brewing Co. & Restaurant in Ames. Think you’ve got the perfect name? Head on over to and give it a shot. Entries are being accepted until March 31, 2009. From the official Olde Main press release,

What’s the prize?

Olde Main will reward entrants for their creative beer-naming abilities. The grand prize winner will get free Olde Main beer for a year and a big party at Olde Main Brewing Co. & Restaurant in Ames. Most importantly, they’ll earn the right to point to the stout and proudly proclaim, “I named that beer!” Full prize details and rules are available at

What’s the Stout? Where is it available?

Olde Main’s Stout is available on tap at bars and restaurants across Iowa and at the Ames’ restaurant and brewpub. Once it has as proper name, it will be launched in bottles later this year. Olde Main’s Stout is a hearty ale with color and flavors derived from roast, chocolate, and caramel malts. This ale has a complex taste with a rich creamy mouthfeel. The pronounced hop presence balances the deep malt flavors.

What’s Olde Main?

Ames-based Olde Main Brewing Co. & Restaurant opened in 2004 and has become the fastest growing brewery in Iowa. In May 2008, Olde Main began bottling and distributing its beer across Iowa. Olde Main brews six styles of beer, along with a root beer and various seasonals throughout the year.

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  1. Too bad it’s only open to residents of Iowa.

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