Happy 2011 – May It Bring Great Beer

I just wanted to take a few minutes and wish you a happy 2011.  Thinking back over 2010 it has been a pretty big year for me (I became a dad) and I’m looking forward to what next year brings.

I’m also excited for all of the new beer that I get to try this next year.  Over Christmas I think I got over 30 different beers that I haven’t had before, so get ready for some new reviews over the next few weeks.  It will be interesting to see what the craft beer scene looks like in this coming year and to see what new trends arise.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2011 as far as craft beer goes?

Happy new year!

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Logan is the owner of Blog About Beer. Along with blogging, he is also the author of two books, Beer Lover's Oregon and Beer Lover's Washington, an avid homebrewer, husband, dad of 2 girls, business owner and lover of ridiculously spicy foods.

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  1. I am excited, 3 Floyds brewery, in Munster, IN just announced its Dark Lord Day 2011 is going to be 4/30/2011. It’ll be mine and my friends 2nd time. It was amazing last year. So many people just enjoying themselves, making great conversation, and celebrating craft brew!

  2. Hi Logan — Thanks for the tasty beer reviews. As for my hopes and dreams for beer in the new year, I’m looking forward to seeking out gruits. Not sure if I’ll find any bottled ones in this country, but I’m on the look out (do you know of any?). At the very least, hopefully I’ll find some of these medieval, herbally-hopped beers in some breweries. Also, I’m excited about Ninkasi’s offerings. I feel like every time I visit my local liquor store there’s some new tasty beer to try. Happy New Year!

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