Men Behaving Badly Star to Create the “Everyman’s Ale”

neil morrisseyMen Behaving Badly star, actor Neil Morrissey, is launching his own brand of beer. According to MarketingWeek, the entire stunt is part of a three-part series called Neil Morrissey’s Perfect Pint, which has been commissioned by the production company Fresh One and talkbackThames. The series will follow the Morrissey and friend Richard Fox as they search for the “perfect pint of beer” across the U.K. before getting their hands on a home brew kit. When that is successful, Morrissey and Fox supposedly decide to buy a microbrewery and make the beer on a commercial scale. The show is currently in production and will air later this summer. The Men Behaving Badly star will then launch three beers later this year. Of the whole experience Morrissey says:

“Beer should not be just for men with sparrows in their beard or lager louts. I want to create the everyman’s ale.”

Sparrows in their beards?…

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