Michigan Brewing Co. to Brew Kid Rock Beer (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

Remember last August when Jessica Simpson started pimping out beer? Yeah, me either. But one Michigan brewery is hoping that celebs, regardless of level of celeb-dom, will still drive sales. Enter the Michigan Brewing Co. and none other than Kid Rock. The difference, though, between the Kid Rock deal and the Jessica Simpson deal is, however, it sounds like Rock’s beer could at least have some potential. The beer to be made in his honor is at least from a reputable craft brewery; Simpson’s beer is called “Stampede Light Plus” — you get the idea. According to the Chicago Tribune:

The Michigan Brewing Co. plans to invest $7 million in the new product line, which it said will add jobs. On Tuesday, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority approved a nearly $723,00 tax credit over seven years for the company. The village of Webberville also is considering a tax abatement.

No word yet on what the Kid Rock brew is going to be called or when it will hit store shelves — the Michigan Brewing Co. was started in 1995 and its beer is available in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, and Minnesota — but this will certainly be one to keep your eyes peeled for. If even for no other reason than a good chuckle. Do medicore celebrities really make you want to buy more beer? Or simply weep into the one you’re currently drinking?

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  1. I can only imagine what this will be named. something trashy and vulgar are my first assumptions…. will it blend?

  2. Wow. I’m sure it will be a light beer for sure. I mean… it’s kid rock. I wonder if they have considered the name:

    Light Trash…

    Nice find,


  3. When will this beer be available for Europe ?

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