Own Your Own Piece of a Brewery

Ever wanted to own your very own brewery but just didn’t have the start-up capital? Well now, thanks to the help of BeerBankRoll (and tens of thousands of other members) for an investment of just $50 you can own a piece of a brewery.

Chicago-based BeerBankRoll is founded on a “crowdfunding” concept where its members are hoping to raise $100,000 to open a brewing company and pub. The paying members can start voting on the company name, beer recipes, marketing plan, advertising strategy, and everything else that’s needed to start a brewery.

Company profits (when the time comes) will be split into three parts: one to members, who’ll get “rewards points” to spend in the online store (for things like gift cards, LCD TVs, and company merch); one to the company itself; and the third to charities of the group’s choosing.

To find out more, or to become an invester yourself, check out beerbankroll.com!

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