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With LiBEERty & Justice For All: America’s Beer Renaissance

‘Merica! Before we were branded as a McDonalds eating, NASCAR watching, Budweiser guzzling nation of indulgent obese loudmouths, we were branded as traitors, traitors rebelling against the oppressive rule of a monarchy. But, neither the crown nor the scepter could hold our brave nation down; and in our act of rebellion, we cemented ourselves as a sovereign nation, a nation …

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iPhone Bottle Opener – Never Leave Home Without It

iOpener - iPhone Bottle Opener

It’s no secret that our cell phones have taken over the world. Go to just about any public place and you’ll see people texting away, checking their Facebook, and who knows what else. No place is sacred anymore. From beer bars to churches, people are always checking their cell phones. I’ll admit that I have become one of those people, …

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How to Prevent a Hangover

As I’m writing the final blog post of 2013, I’ve been thinking about the past year while expectantly joyful for what the new year has to offer. Many tasty beers were consumed this year and many more are waiting for me in 2014. While I’m not what you’d consider a partier, I know a lot of people look to New …

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26 Interesting Facts About Beer

This week, the website Mental Floss created a video at the Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis that shows host john Green talking extremely fast. He gives 26 facts about beer, a few of which were new to me (check out #26, Dark Horse Brewing has turned me into a fan just because of what they did to Nickleback. Awesome.). Enjoy …

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