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A New Meaning To Hair of the Dog

Many of you may remember my post on the beer baths that the awesome people of the Czech Republic get to enjoy at the Chodover brewery. Sadly, no one has offered to send me there to fully experience the glory and wonder of this exciting way to enjoy beer. (He typed grudgingly.) But, I’m not bitter. I wanted to figure …

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Guinness Marshmallows: S’more Fun Around the Campfire

Guinness Marshmallows

With summer in full swing and late night BBQ’s and mosquito bites starting to pile up, it goes without saying that you are probably spending more time outside. For many of you, that means spending time in the proverbial great outdoors. Rekindling your relationship with nature, struggling with fiberglass tent poles, being told by park rangers to “keep it down,” …

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10 Funny Pictures Of Dogs Drinking Beer

The craft beer industry is an interesting place. It’s packed with mostly awesome people making, writing about, talking about and drinking some incredibly crafted beers. However from time to time I’ve noticed that we can get too serious about beer. At the end of the day it’s just beer. I’ve seen many arguments and discussions over styles and a host …

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The Ever Elongating Seasonal Beer Cycle

At the time I first decided to write this post it was late July here on the east coast.  I was walking through one of the local beer stores I frequent, and thinking about what I was in the mood for that night.  I couldn’t stomach another round of shandys, fruit beers, or ciders, and was thinking actually that summer …

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8 Portland Area IPAs You Should Be Drinking

In the craft beer world, one style reigns supreme as the true king of beers – the IPA. For years the love affair Americans have had with the style has caused most craft brewers to brew some type of IPA to please their customer base, especially in the northwest. The broad spectrum of beers in this style has been increasing …

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