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Oregon Brewers Festival 2013 Recap

With August upon us it means that the Oregon Brewers Festival has come to an end. If you made it to the festival, chances are you most likely had a good time (unless you happened to come Saturday evening when the lines were crazy long) and drank some outstanding beers. For me, I was at my booth most of the …

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Over 80,000 Beer Lovers Will Attend The Oregon Brewers Festival. Will You?

Wednesday July 24, 2013 marks the start of the 26th Oregon Brewers Festival hosted at Portland’s Waterfront Park. For those that have attended the states largest beer festival in the past, you might notice that this is the first year the event starts on a Wednesday. As the festival has grown with over 80,000 attendees the past few years, the …

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Canada Day and Beer: An “Eh”+

Canada Day Beer

With July here I am almost certain that many of you will be stocking up on briquettes and beers for the upcoming 4th of July shindigs and hootenannies.  Our nation’s birthday is always celebrated literally with a bang as the floodgates open and the masses are inundated with so many beer promos it’s difficult to think of much else! So …

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Common Beer Myths You Might Believe

Over the years my love for beer has grown quite profoundly. I’m one of those guys who loves reading and talking about beer almost as much as I love drinking it. However the more I learn about beer and talk to people about it, I’ve noticed a lot of people often tend to believe myths about beer such as the …

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Spiegelau IPA Glass: One Hot Piece of Glass

Getting the most out of your beer drinking experience seems like something that all craft beer aficionados would gladly embrace. I mean, what is the point of opening a bottle of Trappist Westvleteren XII and just drinking it straight from the bottle? You just wouldn’t do it. The point is, proper glassware is essential when imbibing on the myriad styles …

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