Popular BeerTender Kegerator Crossing the Pond

The BeerTender, a beer storing-and-pouring product made by Heineken in conjunction with appliance manufacturer Krups, has long been a favorite across Europe but hasn’t ever succesfully made the trip stateside. That is, until now.

Krups announced today in a press release that,

“San Francisco-based Williams-Sonoma Inc. will begin offering the BeerTender March 1, and other stores nationwide will have it April 1.”

The glossy black device boasts a proud LCD display which allows consumers to read the contents’ temperature, as well as a guage letting you know when the beer is running low. The BeerTender is meant to house a 5-liter keg (like those offered all over Maine by Gritty McDuffs) and can keep the beer inside tasting fresh for 30 days at a proper temperature.

Although it will be available nation-wide by April, alas the BeerTender isn’t for everyone. The suggested retail value? a mere $400.

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