Sometimes I wish I lived in Vermont

Don’t get me wrong, I love Maine and the beer and bar scene around the state; there’s nowhere I would rather call my beer home. That being said, there are a number of things I wish my town did more like the town of Burlington, VT. Vermont seems to embrace their home grown beer like none other. From programs like the Passport Program and the Vermont Brewers’ Festival — both run by the Vermont Brewers’ Association — to start-ups like the new website Burlington Bars, Vermonters (Vermontians?) really seem to get it. is described as “Vermont’s newest website completely dedicated to the local bar scene”. They are creating separate pages for each bar, pub and dance club in Burlington. Not only that but the actual bar owners have access to their listing so they’re able to update information (bands playing, drink specials, menu, etc.) themselves. And it’s all free of charge.

The site is still new (and about to undergo a redesign) so there’s not much there at the moment (I’d call it still in the “beta” phase) but it shows promise. From breweries like Magic Hat and Long Trail to Burlington mainstays like the Vermont Pub & Brewery and Ri-Ra, to the fact that Burlington — which isn’t all that different than Portland — supports such sites and organizations makes my jealous. Even just the fact that their brewers’ festival — again, not that different than Portland’s in thought — is both outdoors and during the summer, is something to be envious of.

I’m impressed that such a site can exist for one town in one small New England state, and the fact that it does shows the dedication of the people of Vermont to their beer. I wish it success, but more so – I wish such a thing would exist for Maine (unless I am that thing).

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Burlington Bars site. Burlington’s a fun town, and that will definitely be a great resource when they get up and running.

  2. Just be glad that you don’t live in Alabama. It is illegal to sell beer over 6% ABV or in bottles larger than 20oz. It is also illegal to brew your own beer (but its not enforced).

  3. Oh I’m glad, believe me 😉

    I wasn’t complaining, per say, I love Maine. Just saying that the beer culture in Vermont seems to have a lot going for it.

  4. I am originally from Western Massachusetts, and I have always enjoyed many of the Vermont beers.

  5. Used to live there. I miss Long Trail Ale and Otter Creek.

  6. I love the way you sound so passionate about what you are writing. Keep up the great work!

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