Upcoming Dogfish Head Beer Dinner in Lewiston, Maine

YPLAA (that’s Young Professionals of the Lewiston/Auburn Area to you) is hosting a Beer Tasting Dinner at Fuel Restaurant on Lisbon St. in Lewiston, Maine on January 20th. The dinner, hosted by Allen Reitz of Dogfish Head Brewery, will be a 5 course meal professionally paired with a variety of beers from Dogfish Head Brewery. Reitz will be explaining the pairings as the meal goes along.

Doors for the Beer Dinner open at 6pm and seating will begin at 6:30pm (you can spend the half an hour of downtime checking out a sneak peak of the next exhibit at Gallery 5 – the art gallery attached to the restaurant) . Tickets are $40 a person (plus tax & gratuity). Reservations are required in advance; to reserve your spots, call Fuel at (207) 333-3835.

So head up to Lewiston, support an important organization, have some great food (if you’ve ever been to Fuel than you know what I mean) and best of all, pair that food with some top-notch Dogfish beer!

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