Vermont is for (Beer) Lovers: A First-Hand Discovery

Vermont BeerI’m in Burlington, Vermont for work for the next three days, and I’m trying to cram as much of the famous Vermont Beer Scene in as I possibly can (working around my “day job” schedule). Today I paid a visit to The Shed Restaurant & Brewery in Stowe, VT, where I was able to try one of their famous “Skis of beer” (a 4oz sample of all 6 of their every-day beers). And The American Flatbread Co. where I sampled their “zero-gravity” saison (not to mention a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury and a Cabot Cheese factory outlet… but who’s counting…). I was also able to grab a 22oz bomber of The Vermonster from Rock Art Brewery to take home with me.

Tomorrow will see a special “media tour” of the Magic Hat brewery here in (South) Burlington at least, and possibly a few beers at the Vermont Pub & Brewery. According to the “Vermont Beer” entry on Wikipedia, there are two more brewpubs in Burlington that I’m unfamiliar with — Switchback Brewery & Three Needs Brewery and Taproom — so maybe I’ll have to hunt those down too; who knows…

Stay tuned for a final wrap up and lots of pictures in the coming days.

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  1. I was very pleased when I visited the Vermont Pub & Brewery. I was amazed with their lambic they were offering at the time.

    Burlington has some great breweries. I drove about 45 minutes south to check out Otter Creek brewing which was well worth the drive.

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