What’s Your Favorite Winter Beer?

As November approaches, I’m noticing more and more winter seasonal beers showing up in stores around town.  While darker, high alcohol beers tend to dominate the shelves during the holidays, there is a lot of variety on what’s available.

There are hundreds of lists out there on the web on what the best winter beers are. Instead of creating another list myself, I wanted to get a pulse from you Blog About Beer readers on what your favorites are.

I would probably have to say this is the best time for seasonals.  There are so many delicious options out there to try.

I have 2 questions for you to answer down below in the comment section.

  1. What’s your favorite style of winter beer (stout, fruit, etc.)?
  2. What are you favorite winter beers (name as many as you want)?

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  1. My favorite seasonals are always Winter Warmers, and highest among these has always been Bridgeport’s Ebenezer.

  2. Right off the top of my head would be Troëgs The Mad Elf Ale: http://www.sevenpack.net/?p=3494

    Not to say that is my favorite style of winter beer… but it certainly ranks as one of my favorite winter beers.

  3. Brrr by Widmer Bros. You wouldn’t guess it, but this macrobrewery puts out a freaking delicious Winter Ale (hoppy, dark, heavy, and potent…my favorite style for the winter). It has this sweet tasting finish which might blow your mind.

  4. I love winter beers, so many different styles and flavors to chose from. My favoirtes are Starr Hill the Gift and Long Trial Ale, The Hibernator. Check out my blog on winter beers at https://hopsathome.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/the-weather-outside-is-frightful-but-these-beers-are-so-delightful/

    Keep up the great work, love reading your blog!

  5. Jubelale by Deschute’s Brewery. The malt and spice flavors are incredibly drinkable and worth the wait for the whole year. Also, their artwork is interesting just about every year.

  6. Stouts are my favorite winter time brews, esp winter warmers like Lancaster Brewing Company’s.
    I gotta agree with Dave, however, that Troegs Mad Elf is best winter ale by far. It turns that awkward tacky christmas sweater party into a damn good time

  7. My style for the winter are dark heavy beers from our own production, or dark wheat beers such as Schneider Aventinus.
    Prosit, Fritz Ludwig from Bavaria.

  8. Three of my favorites are anderson valley winer solstice(very different but good tasting) Anchor brewing christmas and new years 2010, and great lakes christmas. Going to have to try mad elf this year.

  9. I am rather new to the refined beer game, but this winter I came across Adoration (Ommegang’s Belgian Winter Ale). It’s a small brewery in Cooperstown, NY but the beer is great. Adoration is pretty complex and heavy at 10% ABV and it is sure to warm. I highly recommend it. Their Rare Vos, is also among my favorites.

  10. The Abyss by Deschutes. An absolutely tasty imperial stout (favorite style of mine for the winter times)

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