I certainly don’t want to steal any thunder or enthusiasm away from the awesome photo contest Alan (A Good Beer Blog) and Stonch (Stonch’s Beer Blog) are colaberating on, for sure, but I couldn’t help but point out an gorgeous photo essay the folks at sloshspot have put together (one incredible piece of link bait which I am happy to keep going). Entitled Around the World in 116 Beers, contributor “rtcrooks” has compiled fantastic photographs representing all the countries he could find which produced beer, and what the most popular domestically produced beers were in those countries. Some Examples:

Dominica Republic: Presidente

Georgia: Kazbegi

Anyway – Even if I try and describe the list in further detail, I won’t begin to do it justice. So just do yourself a favor and check out the original post (and then do yourself another favor and enter Alan and Stonch’s contest). Cheers.

[images via sloshspot]



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