This is it one and all – I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for weeks and now it’s time. In conjunction with the first year anniversary of this blog, It is with great pleasure that I announce the official “Mother of all Beer Blog Contests” with well over $500 in sweet, sweet prizes and schwag!

First, the Prizes:

First Prize:
A Flip Video Ultra camera ($179 value) from MarketLeverage

Second Prize:
Beer Package One: Featuring a Dogfish Head Brewing Hat, a handful of beer-themed stickers, a coaster set from Brooklyn Brewing Co. compliments of, the best place for cool guy gifts; and a secret prize pack from Flying Dog Ales.

Third Prize:
Beer Package Two: a $25 gift card to the official store, a Dogfish Head hat and a Brooklyn Brewing Co. keychain from

Fourth Prize:
A $50 Amex Rewards Card from MarketLeverage

Fifth Prize:
A 2 gigabyte USB flashdrive pen from MarketLeverage and 1500 Entrecard credits

MarketLeverage Blog Contest

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s how you can win these fantastic prizes. Below are a list of different ways you can earn “tickets”; each ticket is essentially one entry into the contest. Having more tickets won’t ensure you’re a winner (maybe someone with one ticket gets reallllllly lucky) but of course, the more times you enter – the better your chances of winning. On Thursday September 11th, at 10:00pm (EST) I will put all of the tickets into an online randomizer and choose a winner of each of the 5 prizes at random. I will then email all of the winners and each company sponsoring the contest will send you your prizes; it’s that simple.

Why September 11th? Well, this contest is to commemorate the birthday of so I figured why not end the contest on my own birthday (the 11th)…

Anyway, enough with the small talk,

Here’s how to enter:

  • Sign up with MarketLeverage (but it must be done using the links to MarketLeverage on this page or I’ll have no way of knowing you signed up!)- 5 tickets
  • Blog about this contest on your own blog with links back to both and (make sure your blog entry leaves a trackback on this post; if it doesn’t, please leave a link to your post in a comment) – 5 tickets
  • “Stumble” this contest post using StumbleUpon (if you “stumble” the post, let me know in a comment) – 1 ticket
  • “Digg” it using (if you “digg” the post, let me know in a comment) – 1 ticket
  • Vote for the post on “brewpoll”, using the brewpoll button at the end of the post (if you vote with “BrewPoll”, let me know in a comment)- 1 ticket
  • Comment on THIS post (which you’ll have to do letting me know you stumbled, dug, etc. etc. so really it’s like a free ticket)- 1 ticket
  • Subscribe to via the RSS feed, either using your favorite RSS feed reader or Subscribe to by Email – 3 tickets
  • Here’s my favorite part: Write a guest post for I’ll accept nearly all of the decent guest posts and they’ll appear here on BAB over the coming weeks (complete with a link back to your own blog or website, if you have one/would like the link). – 5 tickets (PLUS: a bonus of 5 tickets for best guest post).

There you go; it’s really as simple as that. Good luck and happy winning!




  1. Hey Luke, just saw your post on facebook. I have been meaning to subscribe to your blog since you told me about it this summer but I now have an excuse to do that. If I post this on facebook does that count towards a ticket(s), because I did that too? Hey we should get together sometime. Now that school is starting the weekends are going to be free.

  2. Stumbled and dugg. User name is harry Beanbag on both, Also hit it on brewpoll. Already an RSS subscriber and now a comment. i think that gives me five tickets.

  3. I already subscribed via RSS using NewsGator a while back. (But now I’m commenting about that, so that’s a ticket, right?)

  4. Commented here and submitted your story to brewpoll. Cheers on your one year anniversary, buddy.

  5. Beer lover here! Dugg, been subscribed for awhile on google reader, and, of course, commented. Thanks!

  6. Alright Luke, here is what I’ve done for precious, precious tickets …

    Blogged about the contest (+5)
    Stumbled the contest (+1)
    Dugg the contest (+1)
    Voted on BrewPoll (+1)
    Commented (+1)
    Subscribed via Email (+3)

    I signed up for MarketLeverage too, although I haven’t been contacted by phone yet. Great idea, happy birthday!

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