I received an e-mail tip this evening alerting me to a new service from called the Beer-Lovers’ Airport Guide. The guide, which is available in either PDF text or download-able podcast form, shows where to find the best brews in 15 of the country’s busiest airports. Some of the highlights from the guide include,

  • Gordon Biersch in Terminal D at McCarran International in Las Vegas serves up the best Pilsners.
  • Laurelwood Brewing Company just beyond the security locations at Portland (Ore.) International pours a famous, award-winning chocolate malt.
  • Find the biggest Irish beer on tap collection at Boz O’ Brien in Chicago Midway, which carries an endless collection of Irish ales from Guinness to Harp and Smithwick’s.

The podcast seems like a very handy tool for the beer-and-new-media-savvy business traveler. If you find yourself with an extended lay-over in one of the biggest airports in the country and in need of a beer, it really seems like a great idea. says the guide & podcast will be a mainstay of their site and they plan to update it regularly.

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