It’s yet another snowy evening in Maine (there are already waist-high plowbanks like the winters of my childhood; it’s going to be a helluva winter); the perfect setting for a bomber of Berkshire Brewing Co.’s Drayman’s Porter. The Berkshire Brewing website describes this porter, which weighs in at a manageable but respectful 6.2% ABV, as,

A full bodied dark Ale with pleasant chocolate/roasted malt flavor with a slight malty sweetness that is balanced with a delicate hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. A smooth and memorable taste experience.

A description which is more or less spot on. A bottle-conditioned ale, Drayman’s pours a nice black-with-a-few-drops-of-brown color with a finger-wide tan head that quickly dissipates, but leaves behind very impressive light tan lacing & bubbles.

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There is a strong burnt malt aroma, which continues to stick through the taste & mouth-feel. It makes me think of day-old coffee, but not necessarily in a bad way.Lots of tiny bubbles and a very tight carbonation makes Drayman’s Porter feel great as it slides down the tongue.

The only downside to this excellent beer is the somewhat harsh bitterness — which I assume comes from all the roasted malt — makes it tough to down even the full 22 ounces.Overall Drayman’s Porter is perfect for a chilly New England evening, and 99% of BAera agree (with an overall rating of 87); drink up.


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