I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of Idunware Beer recently and have been having a good deal of fun trying it out. Idunware Beer is a download-able computer program which allows users to index all of their past beer experiences (good and bad) – specific beer they’ve bought, breweries they’ve visited, stores they’ve bought from, and so on. According to the program’s creator, Henrik,

Idunware Beer is intended for those people who simply enjoy good beer and need to remember the bad ones. You can store the factual information about different beers you have tried, your favorite buys, your worst buys, where you made your purchase and more importantly, your taste experience.

With Idunware Beer, you can:

  • Remember the beer you’ve tried and enjoyed
  • Find a beer to suit a particular kind of food
  • Store the name and rating of all your favorite (and not so favorite) beers
  • Keep track of the beers you have tried and where they were purchased
  • Keep detailed brewery descriptions
  • Remember dealers, so you can find the place where you can buy an interesting beer

As you can see, the daunting part is definitely adding all of the beers you’ve ever tried (I guess it’ll be easy moving forward when you’re only adding one beer at a time, but to get started and try and remember back to all the beers you’ve ever had is damn near impossible).

Along with basic info — Name, Style, ABV, and Brewery — for each beer, you can take notes on what food will pair well with each beer, what you rate a beer, your current supply (I guess if you have multiple bottles of a beer hidden away), where you purchased the beer (and for how much and in what size/quantity), and you can take general notes if everything isn’t already covered.

The features are nearly as comprehensive for individual breweries, too. Each listing can include general info — Name, whether or not they still brew, the brewery’s country, and the type of brewery — on the brewery; the address of the brewery, including physical address, web address, and contact info; a list of the products the brewery brews (this updates automatically as you add beer listings), and your ratings for the brewery itself.

Once you have all of your beer indexed, once you open the program you can search through your past entries by name, brewery, country, style, rating, and what food you’re hoping to match beer with (this I can imagine coming in HUGELY helpful when planning meals & parties).

Idunware Beer retails for $29.95 and is available for instant download from www.idunware.com. It would make a great holiday gift for that forgetful beer lover in your life 😉



  1. @scott – I know, I thought the $30 was a little steep myself. it’s a very fun program, don’t get me wrong, but the price is definitely my biggest recommendation for what needs fixing!

  2. This would be perfect for my forgetful beer drinker!
    Is this for windows only? Or is there a version I can use on my apple phone?

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