There had been rumors circulating of a new brewpub coming to Brick Island in Saco, Maine for some time. First it was scheduled to open by January, then February then maybe not at all. But, according to Russ from Beer, Maine & Me,

I was very happy to read that Geoff Houghton, owner of the Liberal Cup in Hallowell, will be responsible for the ownership of the Saco brewpub and Nate Duston (head brewer from the recently bought out Casco Bay Brewery as well as longtime employee at the famous BridgePort Brewing Co. out in Oregon) will be the head brewer. This means not only new beer for Maine but it also means new good beer!

The Saco Brewpub — which I hear will be called Brick Island Brewing — is now, according to Yankee Brew News, scheduled to open by “mid-2008”. Sounds like I’ll need to fight through the tourists to pay Saco a visit this summer.

Saco Brewpub no longer an if but a when” [Beer, Maine & Me]

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