A week ago today (deadlines, shmedlines; that’s why I’m a blogger) I was lucky enough to finagle a media invite to the ribbon cutting ceremony (THANK YOU!) at the brand new Sea Dog Brewing Co. brewpub in nearby South Portland, Maine (the space formally occupied by Eggspectations). It was a very fun morning and I’m very thankful for the invite. A tasty breakfast was shared — may I recommend the eggs Benedict, which were nice and lemony, just the way I like ’em — with the Sea Dog/Shipyard PR & Social Media crew (follow them on Twitter @SeaDogBrewing) and I had a nice chat with the pub’s manager, Dale Carrier, and with Fred Forsley, mastermind behind the entire Shipyard empire.


The folks at Sea Dog have done great things with the space and have turned a previously bland and rather large, 024impersonal space into a very friendly brewpub feel — due in large part to the fantastic artwork by Robert Cochrane of Cape Elizabeth which can be seen throughout the restaurant, including the absolutely enormous Barney the Sea Dog portrait, made entirely of bottle caps, which hangs beyond the bar — virtually overnight.

Sea Dog is now open from 7:00am to 1:00am every day and the best part is that they will be serving breakfast that entire time. I’m personally really psyched to head over there around 10pm to catch a late-night Sox game on the big screen and gobble down some eggs and an oatmeal stout. While the pub definitely has a nice family friendly environment — their Captain Eli’s Rootbeer is also on tap for the kiddos — and will undoubtedly do well at dinner time, being one of very few non-chain dinner spots in the Maine Mall area, I personally am most excited to have another late-night option in town that has both good beer and good food (which are surprisingly hard to come by in Portland); I just wish it was within walking distance 🙁 .

The new Sea Dog is definitely a welcome addition to the Greater Portland food & beer landscape and I will definitely be planning many a visit there, starting with one this Memorial Day Weekend. See you there!



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