On a Friday evening when most of us will undoubtedly find ourselves out at a bar in the not too distant future (I for one will be out watching the Sox clobber the Angels tonight, but maybe that’s just me), you’ll be hard pressed to find better news than what abcnews.com reported today in an article entitled Healthy Pairs: Dynamic Food Duos: a combination near and dear to many a beer-drinker’s heart, beer & nuts, is actually a healthful combo to make! According to the report,

Sitting at the bar while eating nuts and drinking beer is not a path to heart disease, but may in fact be a healthy pastime. In fact, nuts boost good cholesterol, HDL, and lower bad cholesterol, LDL. And alcohol acts as a blood thinner and helps prevent blood clots. In both cases, though, moderation is key. 

Swedish researchers have also found that the fat and fiber in nuts slow down the absorption of alcohol, smoothing out the effects of moderate alcohol consumption.

The researchers suggested, however, that you start to eat the nuts at least 15 minutes prior to the first sip, for the best results. They also note that, while none are exactly bad for you, some nuts have more health benefits than others – if the bowl on the bar is filled with mixed nuts, try digging around until you find the almonds and walnuts; they’re your best health-bet.


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