This September I’ll be launching the mother of all beer blog contests (or so I hope). Why? Because contests are fun, silly.

Anyway, I don’t want to let the cat too far out of the bag yet – especially because I haven’t yet hashed out all of the dirty, hairy details – but expect the requirements for entry to be a mixture of new/social media requirements (i.e. you can earn entries by subscribing to the RSS feed, “stumbling” posts, commenting on posts, etc. etc.) and something beer related, needless to say.

But the point of this post, besides to get you excited, is really aimed at anyone reading this blog who has something they’d be willing to donate as a prize. I know that the good folks at MarketLeverage will be throwing some really fantastic prizes my way, and I’ll be donating some schwag from the store (among other things) too. But I’d love a few more items to throw into the pot; really I’d accept anything of even moderate value, but it’d be awesome if it was beer-related (hats, t-shirts, signs, gift cards, you name it). If you’d be interested in donating something, shoot me an email at and let me know so we can discuss the logistics further.

Meanwhile, everyone else – keep your eyes locked on as we draw closer to September and the launch of the Mother of All Beer Blog Contests. Cheers.


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