Since 1995 European laws have stated that goods sold in the EU must indicate weights and measurements metrically. according to,

Polls showed the vast majority of Britons, aided by populist newspaper campaigns, wanted to keep their traditional measures as the EU insisted that imperial measures would be finally be banished from the UK in 2009.

But today marked a major victory for the British Isles, who have convinced the EU to allow Britain to continue to list goods and measurements in imperial measures, sighting that they export so much to North America, which uses imperial measurements. What does this have to do with beer, you ask? No, there is no proposed beer mile being constructed in celebration, but rather Brits get to keep in tact the one one thing most sacred to them – THE PINT! Not to worry, you’ll still be able to walk into any pub anywhere in the United Kingdom and order yourself a pint (not a meter, or however else they would have broken it down) in 2009 and beyond.

A European Commission spokeswoman said Brussels wanted to “put a full stop on this issue”, adding: “This means that measurements such as pints and miles are in no way under threat from Brussels and never will be.”  

God Save the Queen!


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