I do love getting packages in the mail! Those butterflies that arise when you see UPS or FedEx screeching to a halt, the sound of the diesel engine being turned off, and the ringing of the doorbell which signals that in mere moments you will be tearing into something new and exciting.

I recently received an email from Widmer Brothers Brewing which merely had a tracking number in it…no explanation, just a tracking number. Oh how the imagination raced! The excitement of what was being sent to me was exhilarating!

Then, it showed up.

A blue box adorned with half of a Widmer “W” on it, which was inverted, making it look almost like an “A”, and a taunting, beckoning line of text that reads, “Unlock the Mystery.”

And unlock it I shall.

Was it SWAG? Was it glassware? Was it the liquid gold that is beer? Turns out, it was all of that.

What was inside was an Alchemy kit. Not a kit to help me turn lead into gold, but an aroma kit of sorts, a glass, and a bottle of the new Alchemy Ale by Widmer Brothers!

Widmer Box

Corked bottles of purified water, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (yeast), Hordeum Vulgare (malt), and Humulus Lupulus (hops), showcase the ingredients that go into the making of this new and exciting brew.

Beer Ingredients

The Alchemy hop blend was developed by a local hop merchant and Widmer Brothers brewers in 2006, and has become a key ingredient in every Widmer Brothers beer.

Alchemy hops are a blend of choice hops from the Pacific Northwest which are hand-selected by Widmer Brothers brewers each year. After the annual selection of hops, they are blended during the pelletization process which creates a unique, blended pelletized hop exclusively for Widmer Brothers Brewing. (Pelletization is the processing of a material, in this case hops, into the shape of a pellet.) This magical blend is the cornerstone for all Widmer Brothers beers and is the “golden” secret behind Alchemy Ale.

This new brew will be replacing the Drifter Pale Ale that is currently offered by Widmer.

Widmer Alchemy Ale

Pouring a light amber color from the generously donated bottle, Alchemy reaches to the brim of the glass with a clingy one-finger-of white foam head. With a fruity aroma and some grassy hop notes, this beer also had some citrus aromas on the nose. The malty taste and light hop presence culminate in a light crisp beer with subtle hop flavors and just a touch of sweetness.

Overall this was a nice, well-balanced beer. This is a mystery worth “unlocking” to be sure, so give this new offering from Widmer a try and make your own call as to whether Alchemy Ale is truly liquid gold.

What do you think of Alchemy replacing Drifter?