As the reaping of the harvest comes to an end and Jack Frost prepares to drag his cold finger over the land leaving an icy layer of frost on all that we see, we still have to get through the day designated for taking pause and giving thanks for all the blessings that adorn our lives.

Of the many things that bejewel your list of things that you are thankful for, I am sure that many of you, dear readers, are thankful for beer.

On this upcoming turkey day, you will without a doubt be subject to over-eating, watching football, and also having to endure at least one person intensely break down why it is the Tryptophan which makes you sleepy after the large turkey meal.

But, if you are on a budget, or just a vegetarian, there is a better way to enjoy “Turkey” on this holiday!

Efes Pilsen, brewed by the Anadolu Efes Brewery in Istanbul Turkey, is one alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

This pilsner is a typical golden color for the style and has very little aroma to it.

From my understanding, this is the Turkish equivalent to any one of our mainstream domestic brews; and it tastes like it.

A touch of hops and a touch of honey grace the tongue, but overall a pretty typical pilsner. The honey quality actually goes a long way in separating it from the domestics that we are used to.

Overall this one is worth a try. It is always very interesting to try beers from parts of the world that maybe not so well known for beer.

So if a 30 lb. Butterball is not your idea of a successful turkey day, track down this beer and enjoy “Turkey” day the Blog About Beer way!

What beer will you be drinking this Thanksgiving?


Photography and Editing by Megan Ramos