Squatters Captain Bastards Oatmeal StoutOh the joys of travelling. I’m headed to a business conference in Chicago and had what was going to be a 45 minute layover in Salt Lake City. Once I landed in SLC I learned that my connecting flight to Chicago was cancelled. After an hour of dealing with gate agents I’m left with a ticket to Atlanta tonight and then Chicago with a few hours layover here, but the good news is that Utah has beer.

I was walking to the terminal and walked by Squatters, a Utah based brewery that is new to me and figured it would make a great time to write a beer review for my 50 beer challenge (especially since I hadn’t secured a Utah based beer).

Looking over their selection of craft brews, I selected Captain Bastard’s Oatmeal Stout, mainly because I have yet to review a dark beer in the challenge, plus it just sounded good.

They brought it out in a pint glass (sorry for the bad picture, I had to use my phone camera) and the beer is super dark.  It had the appearance of a typical stout with a dark black color and a tanish brown head of just a fingers width or so. It’s so dark I can’t see any carbonation.  I noticed very little lacing on the side of the glass which is a bit unusual for stouts, but not a big deal.

The smell was a bit underwhelming.  It was fairly faint with aromas of roasted malts, oatmeal, and some slight coffee. I was expecting a little bigger kick in the nose from a beer named Captain Bastard.

Captain Bastard’s taste followed the smell.  There was some nice flavors of roasted malts, light oatmeal and coffee along with some slight hop bitterness that wasn’t too bitter. It had an interesting mouthfeel with the carbonation the dominating factor.

Overall, it was good but definitely not that great (in my opinion).  However it did go pretty well with my chicken sandwich, that was pretty awesome. Squatters definitely made my layover much more enjoyable though.

I also tried their Full Suspension Pale Ale and wasn’t all that impressed with that.  It seemed pretty bland to me, but I’m still thankful Squatters was here.

My Squatters Captain Bastard’s Review: B-

Here are the details:

ABV: 4%
IBUs: ?
Style: Oatmeal Stout

What’s your thoughts on Squatters Captain Bastard?