Happy St. Patrick’s day. Most people think of today as the day you’re supposed to wear green and drink Irish beers such as Guinness, Killians (although it’s a Coors beer from Colorado), or Harp Lager. While I do enjoy Guinness from time to time (especially in Irish car bombs), there are 3 lesser known Irish stouts (that are actually brewed in Ireland) that I’d suggest you try as alternatives this St. Patrick’s day to help you expand your beer drinking arsenal.

Irish Beers

  1. O’Hara’s Irish Stout
    If you’re looking for a great stout that is actually brewed in Ireland, O’Hara’s is the way to go.  With 4.3% ABV you can have multiple amazing tasting beers and still feel like doing an Irish jig.
  2. Murphy’s Irish Stout
    Another great stout brewed in Ireland that comes in cans that is 4.0% ABV.  A little on the watery side, but still a good stout.
  3. Beamish Irish Stout
    Another popular Irish stout with 4.1% ABV and is sold in cans.

I’ve also heard there are some good beers from Porterhouse and The Franciscan Well Brewery, but both are located in Ireland and are hard to find in the U.S..  So if you’re ever in Ireland, give them a try and let me know what you think.

What’s your favorite Irish beers?


    • I’ve never had it, but I do know that Great Lakes Brewing is in Ohio (so it isn’t a genuine Irish beer). I’m sure it is good though.

  1. Beamish is my favorite stout when on tap, never had it in a can. Murphy’s (again on tap) is better than Guinness IMHO. However, I may think that just because of rarity.

    I live in Cleveland, and though Conways isn’t technically Irish, it’s fantastic!

  2. Let’s face it, most beers will taste better if you are drinking them at the source…which is exactly our plan for August in Ireland….want to join us?

  3. Microbreweries are kicking off big style in Ireland over the last couple of years with two new ones in Waterford and one in Roscommon called The Galway Hooker!
    Currently working on many of my own recipes….I’ll keep you posted

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