With summer in full swing and late night BBQ’s and mosquito bites starting to pile up, it goes without saying that you are probably spending more time outside.

For many of you, that means spending time in the proverbial great outdoors. Rekindling your relationship with nature, struggling with fiberglass tent poles, being told by park rangers to “keep it down,” drinking copious amounts of beer, and pulling up your folding chairs close to a campfire are all on the agenda.

And, as we snuggle up to the hopefully controlled blaze that is our campfire, we almost intuitively are driven to feel the need to cook something over those fiery fingers that reach toward the night sky.

This primordial hankering is seemingly hard-wired into our DNA as simply “what we do” while camping.

S’mores seem to reign supreme as the almighty monarch of the campfire, and Blog About Beer has found another way to update this majestic treat: Guinness-flavored marshmallows.

That just happened.

Wondermade is a Florida-based company owned by a husband and wife team, Nathan and Jenn Clark. These purveyors of gourmet marshmallows have given beer drinkers another fine product to accompany their brew in the form of their dazzlingly packaged Guinness Marshmallows.

Made with Guinness, vanilla extract, and rolled in crushed pretzels, these 1” x 1” squared delicacies are indeed a must-have gift for fans of Guinness and camping!

So, I brought these with me to my last camping excursion to share with my fellow campers. Although small, the box of 16 marshmallows was plenty to treat 7 people to a S’more of their own.

Smores FixingsHaving lost the first marshmallow to the flames, I quickly learned that the Wondermade Marshmallows heat up quick, so watch your marshmallow roaster with a sharp eye if you don’t want them sliding off the tines!

Pre-setting the chocolate to the graham cracker helped a bunch, as well as having it right there so the melting marshmallow could be applied quickly to the S’more.

All in all the circle of people around our campfire approved of the treat! Although the thought of a pint of Guinness might not be what you’re looking for on a warm summer night, when embedded in a S’more it can be just the right summer treat.

We also created something I have dubbed, The Banshee King: Graham crackers, Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and a strip of bacon; it’s an all-in-one treat that will have your taste buds “wailing” with approval while also making campers at nearby sites “green” with envy!


Photography and Editing by Megan Ramos