Today is the final post in a series of posts with gift ideas for beer lovers.  The previous two posts included beer gift ideas for under $25, and gift ideas between $25-$75. This post will spotlight those gifts that you want to spend a little more on. Specifically 5 gift ideas for beer lovers over $75.

The Over $75 Beer Lover Gift Ideas

  1. Homebrewing Starter Kit
    Home Brewing KitThis is a great gift idea for that person you know who loves beer, but has yet to get into homebrewing.  There are many starter kits out there that allows a complete noobie to brewing to get started easily.  If you have a local homebrew shop, they should have a decent selection of kits. If you’re shopping online I suggest any of the kits from Midwest Supplies (check them out here).  Basic kits range from $65-$350.
  2. Homebrewing Equipment
    For the more experienced home brewer in your life, definitely get them a gift they are going to love.  There are tons of options of what to get them that depends on what they already have.  If you’re not sure, just get them a gift card so they can select what they want.  I’d definitely support your local brew shop if you can.  Otherwise, check out Midwest Supplies if you want to order online.
  3. Draft Beer Equipment
    If money doesn’t matter, how about getting them a kegerator or other equipment so they can drink draft beer at home.  While this can cost quite a bit, this would be a dream gift for any beer fan.  Check out KegWorks for some ideas.
  4. Home Bar
    Does the gift recipient have room in their house for their own home bar? If I had a basement or man cave, I know I would definitely love to have a bar in my house to hang out with my friends. These can range anywhere from $200 to $5000+ depending on what you are looking for.
  5. A Keg
    Here’s a tip, all beer lovers love beer (pretty mind boggling huh?).  Why not get them a keg of their favorite brew?  If they don’t have a kegerator, you could just get them a load of bottles from the local bottle shop.  Beer is a gift that is guaranteed to be a success.

Best of luck and enjoy your holiday shopping.

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