Last week I posted up the first in this series of posts on 5 beer gift ideas under $25 to help you get thinking about your holiday shopping for that craft beer fan on your list. Today is post 2 of 3 with 5 beer related gift ideas between $25-$75. Keep on the lookout for the next post if you’re looking for a little more expensive gift.

The $25-$75 Beer Gift List

  1. Personalized Beer Glasses
    Personalized Beer Pint GlassesOne thing that every craft beer drinker has is proper glasses for the right style of beer.  If you’re not sure what type of glasses to get, an easy solution would be to get pint glasses since they are great for a lot of beer styles.  To make them unique, you can find some companies that can personalize them for you.  Home Wet Bar has a couple of styles that are around $44.95 for a pack of 4 personalized glasses.
  2. Tap Handles
    If you know that the beer fan you’re buying for has a home bar/kegerator, why not get them a fun tap handle to match their personality.  There are hundreds of tap handles to choose from and most cost about $30-$60.  I like the tap handle selection over at Keg Works as a starting point (especially the one with the football on it).
  3. Happy Hour Watch
    This is by far the coolest watch out there for beer lovers. If you didn’t see my review of the Happy Hour Dark N’ Stormy watch, make sure to check it out.  For $69.95 you get a watch and a bottle opener that looks pretty stylish.
  4. Gift Card To a Local Brewpub
    Free beer is always good.  Especially when its from our favorite place, the brew pub.   Some people might think gift cards are a cop out gift, but I love them.  Especially if I can get them to brewpubs.
  5. Beer of the Month Club
    While technically this is a little more than $75 if you signup for more than a month, it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.   Most beer of the month clubs run about $30-$40 and send the recipient about 12 different beers a month.  I recommend the Clubs of America beer of the month club.  They have a good selection, plus you get the option to get your beer once every 3 months so you aren’t paying every month.

Check back in a few days where I will have some ideas over $75.  Until then, have a great day!

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