With the holidays coming up, it’s that time of year to shop for our friends and family and get them a gift they will love. What should you get if that person is a lover of craft beer? Have no fear, I have put together a series of blog posts filled with gift ideas for the beer lover. This first post has 5 ideas of beer gifts under $25.  Look for more posts in the series over the next few days if you are looking at spending over $25 on that special person.

The Under $25 Beer Gift List

  1. Beer
    This is an obvious one, but I guarantee you that it will be a hit.  Every beer lover I know would definitely enjoy beer as a gift. For $25 you could get them a nice 6-pack or two, or better yet, get them a sampling of some decent craft brews. If you aren’t sure what kind to get them, go to your local bottle shop and they will help you make a nice selection.
  2. Beer Magazine Subscription
    There are a few great beer magazines (and I’m sure others will show up on the gift list in the over $25 category), but All About Beer is one of my favorites.  At $19.99 your gift recipient will get your continue to get your gift over the course of the year.
  3. Customized Beer Coasters
    Why not design a custom beer coaster to give as a gift.  You can get 24 of them for $25 at My Own Labels and they are totally customized to however you want them. You can also customize beer carriers and labels for those home brewers out there.
  4. Great American Craft Beer Book
    This is probably the best book I’ve got all year related to craft beer.  It is a guide of different beer styles with a sampling from different breweries, as well as info on beer history and the craft beer movement.  A great book to give any craft beer fan. It’s only $15.61 currently on Amazon.
  5. Beer Bottle Opener
    There are tons of beer bottle openers out there and every day they get more and more unique.  To me they never get old. The majority are under $25 and makes a great gift or at least a nice stocking stuffer.

Looking to spend more? Check out beer gifts between $25-$75 as well as those over $75.


  1. A little disappointed with content. Posts are few and far between and are often “guest posts.” I know you bought this site, and I’d really like to see you follow through with what you said in your first post to us readers.

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for the comments, I do appreciate feedback. Yeah, content has been few and far between, I completely agree. I’ve been trying to manage how to run a business and keep up with my 7 month old daughter (my first kid), and have put this blog a bit on the back burner the past two months since I haven’t had much time outside of those two tasks. I’ve figured out a plan though so you should start seeing posts at least 3-5 times a week. Thanks again.

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