What better way to decorate your Christmas tree than with beer Christmas ornaments. With most trees decorated with traditional ornaments and lights, why not stand out a little.

I searched around and there are some cool bottle and can lights to go along with your ornaments on the perfect beer drinkers tree, but unfortunately they are generally made with the macro beer brands, so not a lot of representation from craft beers.

However I’m sure you could be creative and make some truly amazing (or tacky) Christmas trees.

Christmas Mug of Beer Ornament

Glass of Beer Ornament

Acrylic Beer Stein Ornament

3 Beer With Cup Set

Beer On Ice Ornament

Bud Light Christmas Ornament

Great Catch Ornament

Santa In A Beer Keg Ornament

Hofbrauhaus Beer Keg Ornament

Beer With Cap Ornaments

Beer With Pretzels Ornament

Beer Mug and Keg Ornaments

Beer Mistletoe Ornament

I Love Beer Ornament

Glass 6 Pack Ornament

Mug Lights Set

Budweiser Light Set

Duff Beer Light Set

If you’re looking for even more, check out Amazons selection of Beer Christmas Ornaments.


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  1. I made my own! Took labels off of bottles and attached them to wood cut-outs to make ornaments. Also used bottle caps to make dangly ones as well.

  2. There’s a Christmas store near me that has beer ornaments. Went there last year before the holiday rush, should’ve bought some beer ornaments then!

  3. This is an awesome idea. I think I will throw some beer ornaments on my tree this week. Thanks for the idea!!

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