Christmas BeerI tend to get excited about beer this time of year, especially since winter beers are by far my favorite seasonals. I love drinking, reading, smelling, looking at, and hearing about Christmas brews.

While a lot of the posts in my 12 Days of Christmas Fun series have looked at more interesting and humorous stories related to Christmas and beer, today I wanted to highlight some chat going on about the actual beers of the season.

One thing great about the beer community online is that there are some really amazing people blogging about the industry. I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of great posts and series related to Christmas beers from some of my favorite beer blogs and decided I’d share them with you.

So without further introduction, here are a few of the great must read posts and series from some great beer bloggers.

Beer Advent Calendar 2011

This is a great series written by and highlighting 31 of the best winter/holiday beers presented by multiple beer bloggers.

12 Beers of Christmas – Better Beer Blog

This is a series from Peter at Better Beer Blog which reviews winter seasonal beers 12 days in a row. It looks like it should be 24 beers of Christmas though since there are two beers reviewed each day with some nice photos.

50 Must Taste Winter Beers for 2011 – Brewpublic

An awesome list of 50 great winter beers to try. If you need help coming up with idea of what to drink, just take a look at this list.

Holiday Craft Beer Cocktails –

I don’t write much about Craft Beer cocktails, but they always sound pretty good. Here are a few cocktail ideas you can make with beer for the holidays.

A Christmas Poem – Beer Nut

Just a little fun poem written by Beer Nut. He may not be the next Shakespeare, but still a great take on beer poetry.