Yesterday was April Fools Day and craft breweries across the country took full advantage, flexing their creative muscles a bit. Of course you need to know a little bit about each brewery to fully appreciate their tongue-in-cheek pranks but here are some of the best I found across the interwebs (in no particular order):

Orange County’s The Bruery introduced their new “Bruery Light” on Facebook. Their “press release” described the beer as:

Continuing in the tradition of the finest American brewers, we are proud to announce the arrival of Bruery Light. Brewed with the finest rice and an entire handful of hops, this low calorie ale is perfect for chugging, ponging or even drinking leisurely! Available in 36 packs, plastic bottles, 40’s and kegs.

Absolutely hilarious. Along the same lines, Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewing Co. — the champions of the Canned Beer Apocalypse — released a statement that they would begin bottling their flagship Dales Pale Ale this summer. It included the following quote:

The glass bottle will provide Dale’s Pale Ale in the status-quo’s preferred beverage package. Look for 6-Packs of conveniently breakable & sun light accessible glass bottles of Dale’s Pale Ale in a bottle shop near you as Memorial Day’s outdoor activities approach.

Last but not least, my good friend Russ over at, wrote his own announcement that Russian River Brewing Co. had announced that they were to begin canning their famous Pliney the Elder. The result of his post was a thread of BeerAdvocate that reportedly got so out of hand with people clamoring to find out if it was true and clicking links that lead away from BA that the Alström Bros shut down the thread. Well done, Russ!

Did you spot any other craft beer hijinks around the web?



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