Logan ThompsonFrom time to time I get sent products in the mail from companies starting out with beer related products. Some make little sense while others I’d actually buy.

Recently I was sent a gift pack from Swag Brewery, a company that makes no beer, but instead makes some pretty cool beer related gifts, apparel and swag.

I’ll admit that a lot of beer related t-shirts are plain cheesy and poorly created, or they focus on large breweries which leaves us craft beer fans dressed in crappy beer festival t-shirts, or we just say screw it and forget the beer clothes (which is how I roll).

Swag however has some pretty cool shirts that even I would wear. From shirts with a message such as “Save Water, Drink Beer” and “Think Globally, Drink Locally” to a basic “Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast”, there are some pretty good designs for both men and women.

Other than the clothing they have a line of craft beer soap which is perfect if you want to smell like beer 24/7 even when you can’t drink it (ok, it really doesn’t make you smell like beer, but it still smells good). I got a bar of the Summit Oatmeal Stout and have to admit I want to eat it.

The most interesting product they sell in my opinion is the hop candy.

While probably something I wouldn’t want to eat all the time, it is definitely a unique experience as they come in multiple hop varieties. And yes, they taste just like sweet hops. It might be fun to play name that hop with your beer nerd friends.

Swag Brewery

If you’re shopping for a gift for the beer nerds in your life, check them out. They have some pretty cool stuff going on over there.

Thanks again to the guys at Swag Brewery for sending me the short, soap, and hop candy.