Although I’m not an ice fisherman, I’ve spent many hours floating on the river trying to catch a prized salmon or sturgeon. There have been many times I’ve been sitting on the boat, wishing I had a some more beer.

Apparently ice fisherman get that same feeling. They spend all day cooped up in their fish houses and then the inevitable happens, they run out of beer.

In an effort to solve the problem, Wisconsin based Lakemaid Beer decided to try out beer delivery similar to the way Jeff Bezos of Amazon sees packages being delivered in the future, by drone.

Many of Lakemaids ideal customers are ice fisherman, so delivering beer by drone just makes sense because most of the ice fisherman already know their GPS coordinates.

In the video above you can see the inaugural test run on a drone rented by Lakemaids president, Jack Supple. According to this article from Yahoo, it actually included just a few beers instead of the full case.

Although plans to purchase a bigger drone were in place, the FAA gave the brewery a call and let them know they were in violation of some regulations since they are located within 30 miles of the Minneapolis airport.

Unfortunately the days of beer delivery by drone is still something we can only dream about. While it could potentially be a very beneficial service by keeping drunk drivers off the road and helping lazy people get beer quicker, I don’t see how you could regulate underage drinking.

What do you think about drone beer delivery?