Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
It’s back to the grind after a weekend off for Memorial Day, which means there is beer to be reviewed if I want to keep pace with my 50 beer challenge.  Today I’m excited to try out Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald Porter from Ohio.

While their beer isn’t available in the Northwest, I was thankful the awesome people at Great Lakes Brewing were kind enough to send me some of their porter to review to represent Ohio in my challenge. While I’m not a huge fan of their packaging, it’s what’s inside that really counts.

Edmund Fitzgerald poured dark as night.  Well, maybe even darker than night. It’s a beautiful black color with about a quarter of an inch of tan head on the top. I felt like taking out a knife and fork and taking a slice as it looked thick and delicious. The tan head left remnants on the side of the glass with some beautiful lacing.

The aroma was like a beautiful chocolate drink you’d find at a decent coffee shop.  It had a strong chocolate, burnt malt, and sugery carmel smell that got my mouth watering.  I think my refrigerator was a tad to cold though as the warmer it got the more the smell came out of its shell and danced around my nose.

This is one of those beers that has a “wow” factor when taking a drink.  It has a pretty full body that stands on its own for sure and puts a smile on your face.  So many porters I’ve tried recently have a somewhat watery taste, where this guy has flavor packed into every last drop.

There is a strong sweet carmel and coffee flavor up front that breaks way into more slightly burnt malty goodness.  At the very end the hop bitterness kicks in to give a little tingle before leaving a slight citrus and coffee taste on the tongue. Then you’re left sitting thinking that you just ate a brownie.

On their website, Great Lakes says to pair this porter with either ribs, steak, oysters, or chocolate. All I can say is “yes please.”  This would definitely go well with any of those and I’m left a little bummed this isn’t available in the Northwest.

Currently my goto beer is Deschutes Black Butte Porter, and I’d probably give Edmund Fitzgerald an A+ if I hadn’t had Black Butte. With that said, Edmund is still probably the second best American porter I’ve tried and I’m already scheming how to get more.

My Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Review: A-

Here are the details:

ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 37
Style: American Porter

What’s your thoughts on Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter?