Magic Hat Blind Faith IPAHere in the Northwest we’ve had about 2 days of sun so far this year.  Today is sort of sunny so I figured I would take advantage of it and review a summer beer.

I got a bottle of Blind Faith from Magic Hat Brewing Company in the mail, which is part of their summer scene variety 12 pack. The summer pack lasts from April 1st to July 31st. Being from the Northwest, it is a lot harder to find Magic Hat beer around here, so it’s always fun to try some East coast beers.

Blind Faith poured a very sexy and clean copper color with some nice carbonation bubbles floating to the top. There was a thin layer of lightly tan head that wasn’t more than a fingers width sitting on the top of the glass. As the glass slowly diminished, a nice lacing was left which is always a nice way to remember the beer you just drank.

For an I.P.A., the aroma seemed fairly faint like a homebrew (at least a weak homebrew). There was some pretty good bready notes, with some slight sweet malt and florally hop smells coming through. Overall the aroma wasn’t anything special.

The word that keeps coming to my mind when describing the flavor is “ok”.  It’s not bad, just nothing special (I guess that’s my overall thoughts on this beer).  It’s fairly bitter with some slight malt and fruit tastes in the back.  I have to admit however that this beer grew on me as my glass was getting emptier.  The more of it I drank, the more I enjoyed it.

It’s very drinkable with a decent mouthfeel that does make a pretty good beer for a hot day.  Overall I’m not blown away, but I’d suggest you give it a try if you happen to see it in the store.  I don’t think you will be disappointed, however don’t expect a Pliny the Elder.

My Magic Hat Blind Faith I.P.A. Review: B-

Here are the details:

ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: 60
Style: English I.P.A.

What’s your thoughts on Magic Hat Blind Faith Summer I.P.A.?